2012-05-24 08:35:22 by MMM16

Really end... 4ever

Animation are death... DAMN IT!

2011-11-10 09:27:29 by MMM16

The main reason for this end is that I do not have all the time. I just hope to get it in the future, but so far jsen "ended".

Despite thank Lubos animator who I helped get started enough. Perhaps sometimes to come back... Good luck to other animators, especially those from the Czech Republic/Slovakia. ;)

Errr... again!

2011-07-17 10:48:17 by MMM16

After some time I have a test. (click) My progress is not fast but I'm working on it. Animate still only one character but I will add more soon. I just hope that the next test will be even better.


Errr... again!


2011-03-27 05:06:11 by MMM16

I'm still a beginner in animation, specifically learning, but I like animation and I hope that it will be good. (I will create animations Madness)

my tests:
shooting Ak-47
shooting pistol